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At JCC SEO we are interested in building relationships with individuals and businesses that can benefit most from the products and services we have to offer. As a matter of company ethics, with SEO or local search services we offer, once we have commenced work for your business, we will not provide similar services to any of your competitors in the geographic location we are targeting for you. This commitment remains for the entire time we are working with you.

We do not go in for the hard sell. It’s just not our style. We are happy to have a chat with you and let you know what we think your business needs. Once we have outlined a plan for you, our hard sell will consist of asking whether you want our help to implement it!

Something else you should know about us is that we are friendly and casual in our approach. Please don’t expect power suits and fancy shoes. That’s just not our thing. We are all entrepreneurs that spend our lives plugged into computers and, on the whole, have somewhat questionable fashion sense. We're more interested in impressing you with results than the clothes we wear!

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A Bit Of Our History

JCCSEO evolved from Julie Curry Consultancy. Here’s a bit of the back story:

Julie Curry Consultancy (JCC) was established in January 2000 to provide training, development, consultancy, planning and locum management solutions to local not for profit organisations in the Hunter, Central Coast and Sydney areas.

At that time JCC was a “one woman show” and Julie gravitated towards working with organisations that supported people with disabilities and providing solutions for people that had been excluded from many aspects of their communities due to their disabilities and/or associated behaviours. This was a passion project for Julie and enabled her to continue to use her experience and expertise in a meaningful way..

With the “global economic downturn” in 2008, JCC shifted its focus slightly in order to also help small to medium businesses in the region. Our aim at that time was to help as many local businesses as possible to expand and employ more personnel – thus positively impacting our local communities & making them better places for us to live and raise our families. We achieved this by ensuring that good businesses were able to attract customers via their website by building sites and providing search engine optimisation services primarily. We continue to have this at our core.

Since 2008 our business has, of course, evolved and we have been involved in a range of projects both within Australia and overseas.

In 2020, we turned our attention once more to the local marketplace. Does that mean your business has to be based in our town? No, not at all. We successfully rank businesses, ecommerce sites, affiliate blogs and just about any other type of web presence you can think of (like YouTube videos for example) all over Australia and in several countries around the world. At this stage we only work with sites in English speaking countries – but that, too, may change over time…

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